UPDATE: 4/12/17

Toady I present the official Andybot of Botstock XIV, being held in Adamstown, PA, April 14-16. Botstock is an annual gathering of mad robot collectors who belong to Alphadrome (danefield.com). Each year I make a special Andybot just for the occasion and some lucky attendee will be taking it home as part of the free raffle. This also traditional marks the end of Andybot season as the warmer weather points me to other responsibilites and pursuits. For example, check out the EAW Water Tower I made. Kind of random, I know but it had to be made. Read the backstory on the water tower in the Electro Art section. I thinking of working on some more Electro Fossils soon! . Enjoy!

Welcome to Electro Art Works.
My name is Andy Hill, sometimes known as Andyman. I've combined two of my passions, recycling and robots, to create unique, whimsical robot sculptures called "Andybots" that are sure to bring a smile to your face. My major influence has been retro-science fiction design including classic sci-fi movies and those wonderful tin robot toys of the 50's
and 60's. All of my works are built from cast away electronic parts, appliances, scrap metal, junk parts and virtually anything else that hasn't been used in the last five minutes. On display here is an archive of my robot legion for your enjoyment. Many of them already reside in various locations around the world...waiting for a certain activation code to...but I digress. Also featured here are concept pieces known as "Electro Art" that are sure to inspire thoughts on the current state of our environment and technology. Visit the For Sale page if you are interested in any pieces available for purchase.
Contact me with questions and purchase inquiries. Enjoy your visit!

Electro Art Works Robot Sculpture From Recycled Parts