Ray Guns
The ray guns on this page were created to portray retro-futuristic weapons from across the galaxy. They have the heft and feel of authentic decommissioned artifacts
that were found on distant planets. None of them actually work mind you. That would be too dangerous (read: no active electronics). The ray guns are built out of mostly
recycled and re purposed found objects. Most of them have functional spring loaded triggers to add to their authenticity. Some are even for sale.
Enjoy your look into the future's past.

                                                    Electro Atomizer                                    Lil' Stinger                                         Buzzkill 5000                                   The Exterminator                              Martian Blaster                                Leviton Vaporizer                                  
                                                                   Quantum Fireball 10X                              Peacekeeper III                         Plutonium Pulsar Pistol                             Solar Bandit                             Steam Assassin                   
Marlboro M-30 Plasma Pistol       


                                                              Melnor Titanium Melter Ray         Big Bruiser Subatomic Obliterator

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