Albatron, 12", 2017

 (Scrap wood, lap top computer fans, various computer hardware parts, curtain hardware, electric motor casings, springs, etc.)

Albatron was a salvage robot sent to distant planets to retrieve usable relics from alien derelict ships that had crash landed there. His huge built in cooling system allowed him to explore the most hostile heated environments the galaxy had to offer. Unfortunately he was not on Earth during the Robot Revolution of 2150 and in the turmoil he was forgotten and left on the ocean planet of Epsilon 5 to wait for a rescue that will never come as he rusted in peace.

Albatron features a new "patina" effect that I used to make the rust even more realistic. The added texture is really convincing and makes one forget that some parts are actually wood. I use the same effect on the custom box I created for this Andybot, too.