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Angry Little Monsterbots

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Angry Little Monsterbots, 5.5"- 6.5", 2019

(IC Chips, spark plug insolators, circuit boards, coils, paper shredder blades & gears, scrap wood, etc.)

Angry Little Monsterbots!

Nano tech gone awry. These angry little (yet adorable) monsterbots have been corrupted and are ingesting everything in sight and leaving nothing but gray goo in their wake. This gang of 7 must be stopped and the only way to do that is to adopt one and rehabilitate it. Teach it the errors of it's ways and avoid getting eaten in the process.Angry Little Monsterbots will be an exclusive limited edition gang of 7 with no more being made after this. Each is unique bot is numbered and include an awesome custom artwork box.

$75 each plus shipping
Includes custom artwork box
(no active electronics)
Contact me for order info

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