Artemis, 11 3/4", 2021.

(air pressure gauge, VCR video head drum, stainless steel shot glass, flex tubing water line, whip-it cylinders, hard drive spindles, metal springs, scrap wood, etc.)

Long ago in a mad scientist lair far, far away, rumors abound about an orphaned mechanical machine man that lives on despite it's master's demise. On certain nights, when the wind is just right, one can almost hear a whirring, clicking pining of a lost robot in search of it's creator. Artemis, as the locals are known to call it, continues it's quest to find the meaning of it's life whilst remaining in shadows to avoid any confrontations with humans that just don't seem to understand it's plight. Maybe a nice cup of oil and a warm fire would provide enough solace for Artemis to share his woes with a new friend.


Includes custom artwork box
(no active electronics)
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