Atomic Robot Toy

Atomic Robot Toy, approx 8", 2020

Atomic Robot Toy was donated to Buckham Gallery for the 2020 Cool City Auction. Unfortunately Covid shut that event down. Ultimately, it was auctioned off in the 2021 online version of the event along with Automa Tom. I thought I would pay tribute to the dangerous toys of the 50s and 60s with such items as the Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab that featured actual uranium ore. Atomic Robot Toy or ART is the epitome of that. Everything looks normal until you read the disclaimer on the box. It reads as follows...

CAUTION!: Atomic Robot Toy (ART) contains an unlicensed nuclear reactor that could release dangerous levels of radioactivity if not played with in accordance to suggestions outlined in the "Playing with Radioactive Toys" manual available by filing a Freedom of Information request at your local municipality. May cause loss of hair, blindness, cancer and/or excruciating death if misused. Do not use if a slight blue glow is detected. Lead lined gloves (sold separately) recommended when playing with ART. Hermetically sealed haz-mat suit (also sold separately) strongly recommended. 5 minutes of play followed by 2 weeks recovery suggested. Clean hands with decontamination kit (not included) after use. Scrub until Geiger counter (also not included) drops to safe levels. In the event of a suspected reactor core melt down, leave the city and contact the appropriate authorities. Dispose of properly. Do not incinerate. Check with local ordinances about hazardous material collection days. Purchase of ART constitutes an agreement on your part not to hold Electro Art Works (EAW) liable for any and all emergency response calls. Purchase also voids any legal responsibilities of EAW and prohibits the filing of any lawsuits towards said party. Buy at own risk. Play with at own risk. Own at own risk.

Includes custom artwork box
(no active electronics)
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