"Auto the Automaton", 2019.
8.5" w/o base. 9.5" with base.

(LEDs, light mounting brackets, computer keyboard keys, wooden beads, hard drive covers, scrap wood and metal, etc.)

I was contacted by Greg Hansen of Dream Home Images inquiring whether I would do an Andybot based of his own tattoo design.

After seeing his arm art I was all hell yeah cool as soon as I can get to it. Then a month later his wife, Krista Abel, also of

Dream Home Images, wanted to know if I could build it as a surprise birthday present for her hubby and I was all hell yeah I love

surprise birthday projects. I think I nailed it pretty well. Auto attaches to the base via neodymium magnets from hard drives. An added bonus, unbeknownst by me, is that he spins on his base. Both Greg and Krista were very happy with the results. Happy ending!


Auto the Automaton