EAW Water Tower

"EAW Water Tower"  17" 

(fence post tops, tin can, vintage Meccano erector rails, mesh wire, lamp parts, LEDs scrap wood, etc)

A while back I stopped into an antique store and spotted a neat little water tower for a vintage model train set. It had a great industrial look to it with it's gray riveted water tank but I passed on it since water towers are not something I collect. Back home I started to obsess about it and decided two weeks later that if it was still there, I would get it. Alas, it was not to be as upon my return it was gone. After Googling the item, I found out that is was in fact a 50s era Marx model water tower for their train set that had a clear tube down the middle you could fill with water and have it bubble via a light bulb located in the base. This started to fuel my passion for the thing as I combed Ebay in search of one. Then it occurred to me, I could make one myself! So I did. I passed on the bubbling action as that didn't seem to make much sense to me. Why would a water tower have a transparent pipe to display it's foul bubbling water? Instead, I added some LED lights to give it a majestic presence in the night. Even the top red light blinks to ward off any wayward aircraft trying to get a better look at the sign trying to figure out what the heck Electro Art Works is. And so, my burning obsession with vintage water towers has been sated. For now. I'm mean...they're really cool when you think about them.