"Electro Fossil 03"  18" x 15" 

(Scrap wood, typewriter parts, VCR parts, hard drive parts, circuit board, pane glass, etc)

Nature evolves technology. Technology evolves nature. Now they are both obsolete artifacts.

An archeological dig some thousands of years in the future. They unearth a ancient dump pile of electronic waste from back when mankind was quite careless about their environment. At first they think they found the fossilized remains of some indigenous creatures from that time that were buried along with the junk. It isn't long before they discover the remains are not organic in nature and that they are not as old as dig site would indicate. Then the shocking revelation...these things had evolved from the electronic waste pile itself!

If these creatures are now extinct, was this the end of their line or did something bigger, maybe nastier evolve from them?

The archeologist stare at each other and then slowly look around...

"Electro Fossil 03" features a glass enclosed distress finished cabinet of various re-purposed wood product. The circuit board is from some old Abekas video system from 1989 and the creature itself is mostly typewriter parts with a literal hard drive head.


Electro Fossil 03