Electro Fossil 05

"Electro Fossil 05"  15.5" x 11.3" 

(circuit board, scrap metal parts, scrap wood, pane glass etc)

Nature evolves technology. Technology evolves nature. Now they are both obsolete artifacts.

So...went fishing the other day. I was told not to fish let alone go anywhere near that toxic lake where people dumped their electronic junk. I didn't catch anything but I did find these neat "bones" of some kinda fishy thing. Never seen bones like this before. That little thing next to it is either it's larva or it's next meal. I think I will avoid that lake in the future for fear of being something else's next meal.

"Electro Fossil 05" is a compilation of various metal scrap parts mounted on a circuit board enclosed in a display cabinet constructed from discarded scrap wood pieces. The work is made from 99% recycled and re-purposed parts .