"Electro Fossil #6", 15" x 10", 2019
(Scrap wood, circuit board, hard drive head, typewriter parts, plastic gears, various metal scrap, etc)

Nature evolves technology. Technology evolves nature. Now they are both obsolete artifacts.

Man and nature are at war. Man builds computers and robotic doppelgangers to improve their lives yet they throw away the obsolete parts and bury them in the Earth to be forgotten. Nature either adapts or dies. So what has been going on in the depths of these mountains of electronic waste? Why are we finding these fossils that lack any trace of organic material?

Mother Nature, what have you been up to?

"Electro Fossil 06" is a compilation of various metal scrap parts mounted on a circuit board enclosed in a display cabinet constructed from discarded scrap wood pieces. The work is made from 99% recycled and re-purposed parts .


Electro Fossil 06