Grinder Red, 7", 2021.

(plastic gears, transistors, spark plug insulators, hair dryer coils, circuit boards, scrap metal and wood, etc.)

The Grinder Brothers.
Are neighbors complaining about that unsightly pile of junk in your backyard? Got some overgrown land that needs clearing? How about a certain problem you need to make go away (such as complaining neighbors)?* Call the Grinder Brothers! The Grinder Brothers can grind anything and everything down to it's base elements which looks like a gray goo. Makes for a great fertilizer! Return your junk to Mother Earth and lessen your carbon footprint! Or lessen somebody else's carbon footprint along with the rest of them! Grinder Red handles the synthetics, plastics and metals. Grinder Blue mows organics such as trees, weeds, miscellaneous vegetation, animal pests, road kills and intentional kills. For your clean up needs, call the Grinder Brothers today!
*Find us on the dark web for "specialized" service.

$85 plus shipping

Includes custom artwork box
(no active electronics)
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Grinder Red