King Ratbot, 12", 2021.

(flashlight reflector, tin canister, metal gears,chrome lotion bottle caps, chrome jar top, book light bendable cable, typewriter arms, thread spindles, vacuum hoses, etc.)

Prompted by the government's wish to control the rat population in the city's sewers, their science lab built a robotic rat terminator, RBK-21, to infiltrate and destroy the rodents. Unfortunately the moist environment of the sewers lead to a corruption of RBK's base programing and corrosion of it's power core. The rats, often fond of shiny objects, took the disabled mech in and built a new mechnical heart for it's new power source. It wasn't long before RBK became their new leader and was crowned King Ratbot. Now with it's legion of rodent warriors, King Ratbot vows to overthrow their above ground oppressors. Legend has it that King Ratbot's only weakness is it's mechanical heart. Kill the heart, kill the king! Long live King Ratbot!


Includes custom artwork box
(no active electronics)
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King Ratbot