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Alphadrome  A great community of vintage toy robot collectors who enjoy talking the talk and sharing the knowledge. A tremendous resource for toy robot information, history and collecting. I've made many new friends there.

Art at the Market An artist non-profit co-op that I happen to belong to. If you are ever in the area of Flint, Michigan, come see some really cool art by over 30 fine artists. You can also see some of my work in person.

Talbotics Sci-Fi/Fantasy sculptures by Tal Avitzur. Menacing (of the fun sort) robots and the like out of re-purposed material. Don't ask what he does with the doll heads!

nemogould.com  Nemo Gould's bizarre yet often humorous robot creatures and other designs made from found materials. His work has even appeared in a Nike commercial.

Bennett Robot Works Wonderful robot sculptures created out of found objects by Gordon Bennett. Really cool retro designs featuring some really cool "vintage" parts.

claytonbailey.com  Clayton G. Bailey's exhibition of his beautiful, often comical, ceramic & metal sculptures...which just happens to include a robot or two. Check out the cool ray guns!

Robotnut.com  Featuring Darryl's comprehensive archive of toy robot images including his own ever growing collection. His essay "A Brief History of Toy Robots" is a great primer for anyone interested in the sport.

Robothut.com   John Rigg's massive collection of classic robots including many life size bots he built himself all under one roof. John is a master robot builder and the "Hut" is a must see for any sci-fi fan who is in the Washington state area.

Robot Island  Jay Brotter's "World of Tin Toy Robots".  One of the largest sources for vintage and reproduction tin robots and space toys. Robot Island can also help you design and manufacture your own toy.

Dark Roasted Blend  Neat collection of pictures & links to cool, weird, funny, fasinating, vintage, abandoned and down right jaw dropping stuff. I start my work mornings there every day. Updated daily.

slobots  M. Heisler's take on robot sculpture and paintings that also features recycled parts. His quirky Custom Munny is a must see.

Robotart.net  Highly polished shiny metal robot spacemen with skinny legs is the quickest way I can describe Lawrence Northey's whimsical work. A master at his trade, Northey's robot sculptures captures the innocence of our childhood heroes.

Aaron Ristau is another artist who likes to give new life to electronic obsolescence. Beautiful, whimsical sculptures that both delight and provoke thought.

Eric Joyner lives near a donut shop and that has had a profound affect on his robot paintings. When huge alien pastries invade Earth someday, Eric prophetic vision will guide us.

Rik Allen creates marvelous alien spacecrafts out of blown glass and metal. I'm just mesmerized by his quaint metaphysical designs.

Mike Rivamonte beautiful robot creations out of vintage parts. Some parts are even 100 years old! Mike's robots capture the whimsical spirit of this genre.

Main Street Toys Joe Moribito's place for vintage, reproduction or just cool toys.

Running Dog Studios Stephen & Raenette Palmer feature some cool stuff including Stephen's wall fish gallery. Built from crutches, rackets and whatever he has laying around at the moment, these exotic sea creatures seem to be both menacing and quirky at the same time.

Art at the Market is an art gallery in the The Farmer's Market in Flint, Michigan. Featuring over 30 talented artists on display including yours truly.

Buckham GalleryEstablished in 1984 by a collective of Flint artists, Buckham Gallery is an established  cultural anchor in Flint , Michigan. We are a non-profit, 501 (c) organization located at 121 W Second Street, Flint, Michigan‚Äč.

Friends, artists, collectors and communities with cool sites

that have inspired, influenced and supported me.