Melnor Smote 3000

All ray guns for sale here have been deactivated and the power cells drained

in order to avoid any unnecessary and possibly messy explanations to next of kin.

Melnor "Smote-3000" Disruptor Ray, 2020.

Gun 12"L x 10"H, on stand 12"L x 12"H
(police radio case, police radar gun site, garden hose nozzle, drill chuck, lamp parts, cabinet handles,

hard drive case (stand), scrap wood, etc.)

I present the Melnor "Smote-3000" Disruptor Ray. This baby is meant to end arguments, silence debates and finish what one has started. Rumor has that it has only been fired in anger once and since then many a peace treaties have come about just on the fears that the other side was packing Smote-3000s. Tough to do since the planet of Melnor was destroyed many of thousands of years ago. This specimen is a rare sight indeed. Unfortunately, it has been rendered inert.