All ray guns for sale here have been deactivated and the power cells drained

in order to avoid any unnecessary and possibly messy explanations to next of kin.

Melnor Titanium Melter Ray

Melnor Titanium Melter Ray
Gun-10"l x 7"h
Base-11"l x 7"w

(garden hose nozzle, shower head, projector lens, plastic dome container, hard drive case, scrap wood, bird feeder top, etc.)

Rumors had circulated about the Melnor Titanium Melter Ray. Some say it was just a myth, that the Melnorians never existed.  Others thought that it was just a bastardized version of another legendary ray gun. But our bucolic space archeologists went that extra parsec and found a specimen buried deep inside an asteroid that was apparently once a part of planet Melnor. Those poor Melnorians. Cool gun though!