All ray guns for sale here have been deactivated and the power cells drained

in order to avoid any unnecessary and possibly messy explanations to next of kin.

Mini Ray Gun #5

Andyman's Mini Ray Gun #5

Gun - 3.5" x 2"
On Base- 3.5" x 3.25"

(electric motor core, scrap wood, battery contacts spring, various metal & plastic parts, etc.)

Ray guns were getting too expensive to ship anymore so after getting a couple of crates of product from an arms dealer...er I mean a friend of mine...or maybe he was a cousin...anyway, I thought I would try out my new "smallenizer" shrink ray on them to make them smaller and thus cheaper to get by intergalactic customs. Well they were supposed to be temporarily small and pop up back to full size after the evil space dictator....ah...I mean "client" received them. Unfortunately, they never returned to full size. Yet. Buy at own risk!