Saucerbot 18

Saucerbot 18, 3 1/2"h x 5"w, 12"h on stand

(brass light mount, round metal flange from treadmill motor, electric motor casings, plastic display dome,

keyboard circuit sheet, old 2 x 4 wooden base, etc.)

Two things came together to create Saucerbot 18 and it's display. First, a friend of mine from the Alphadrome board (Robobob) sent me these cool chrome springy things that he couldn't find a use for. Secondly, I've been collecting these permanent magnets I pull out of hard drives for quite some time now with no idea of what I would use them for. I knew I wanted to use the springs for Saucerbot displays. Them coiling up into the air gave a whimsical sense of flight to the little guys. The question was how was I going to mount them? That's where the magnets came into play. By mounting one or two at the bottom of the saucer, they were strong enough to hold the Saucerbot in place on top of the spring making for a really cool display.