Saucerbot 21, 12 1/2 to 21" with antenna extended, saucer 3"h x 4"w

(hard drive platter, small vending machine capsule, brass dead bolt covers, 3/4 VTR video head drums, lamp base, etc.)

This has got to be the smallest Andybot ever made. Enclosed in a small vending machine capsule, Saucerbot 21 can actually spin around about the heavens. This little guy is mounted to a video head drum from an old professional VTR which you can spin to send him into orbit. You can also extend the antenna straight up to 21 inches and have him hover in place. Saucerbot 21 can be detached from his base. Check out my crummy video to see him fly. 


Disclaimer: Angles and extensions are limited due to weight displacement and balance of the saucer. For example, the antenna won't support the saucer fully extended at any angle. Excessively hard spins may flip the saucer and cause damage.

Saucerbot 21