"Specter", 12.5", 2018
(Scrap wood, camera lens, door lock hardware, computer parts, goose neck mic stand, windshield wiper, various plastic gears, metal drill gears, etc.)

Sent behind enemy (human) lines, Specter was the ultimate spybot for the evil robot overlords. Swift, silent and efficient, Spector recorded all that it saw and sent it back it's alien mech superiors. Rumor has it that one must never look directly into Specter's ominous all seeing eye or they would see death incarnate. Don't look. I SAID FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T LOOK!!!

You looked, didn't you?

Specter weighs a hefty 2.5 pounds but is still nimble enough for various poses on it's goose neck legs. The claws are moveable but I don't think they would hold anything of weight. There is a small lens on top that helps illuminate the ghost inside..