RU-23 "Stilts" McGee

RU-23 "Stilts" McGee, 14", 2017
(Scrap wood, computer parts, plastic gears, springs, resistors, rubber feet, ping pong ball, etc.)

Stilts McGee was the first automaton to break the "robot barrier" and play professional basketball for the NBA in 2134. In fact he was the only robot to do so. Playing for the Topeka Land Lubbers (former coastal teams are literally underwater) McGee scored a record 541 points in his first and only game. Shortly thereafter the NBA succumbed to public outcry and had Stilts sent back down to the Battle Bot League. This move would come back to haunt them as after the robot revolution of 2150, the robot overlords replaced (by killing) all the humans in the NBA with their mechanical superiors. Although McGee was considered a hero of the revolution, he was never able to match his previous numbers against his human counterparts and was eventually retired (recycled).

$150 plus shipping
Includes custom artwork box
(no active electronics)
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