A5 "Negotiator" ray gun, 13", 14" on stand, 2023.

(Teavana tin, coffee pot handle, computer fan grill, hard drive handles, outdoor lamp parts, BNC connectors, pot lid knob, scrap wood, weird black square box with lens thingy, etc.)

When dealing with invading aliens there is a time to talk and then there is a time to negotiate. The A5 "Negotiator" spells out terms any tentacled extraterrestrial should understand with settings for "Shut up!", "Back off!" and "Get the hell off of my planet!". This baby leaves little doubt as to your intentions.

$500 plus shipping.
Includes mounting base and custom metal case.
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The Negotiator

All ray guns for sale here have been deactivated and the power cells drained

in order to avoid any unnecessary and possibly messy explanations to next of kin.