Thunderbird, 9 x 14", 2023.

(snack tin, lamp cowling, Thunderbird hubcap piece, electric motor fan, capacitor, various switches and knobs, hard drive disks, shower curtain rod flange, scrap wood, etc.)

When you gotta bring the boom, the Thunderbird is the beam weapon of choice. Featuring 12 power settings and a built in self destruct knob for when your knee deep in an alien uprising and have no way out. Of course all of my ray guns are deactivated and their power cells are drained so I'm pretty sure the self destruct is nonfunctional. Yeah, pretty sure.

$500 plus shipping.
Includes mounting base and custom metal case.
Contact me for order info


All ray guns for sale here have been deactivated and the power cells drained

in order to avoid any unnecessary and possibly messy explanations to next of kin.