Zombiebot III

Zombiebot III, The Forgotten Astronaut
(12" 2017)
(Tin can, iPhone earbud case, headphone earpiece, electric razor parts, power tool name plates, CO2 cylinders, scrap wood, skull, etc.)

Working for the Delta Space Mining Company, astronaut Alan White's job was to look for potential asteroids in his robotic EVA suit. One fateful day whilst exploring an area of uncharted space, White's one man ship malfunctioned, engaged it's auto pilot and returned to base... without the man! Alan was stranded on an unknown asteroid in unknown space. There was no record of his flight path as his ship was destroyed in the asteroid field on it's errant run. Legend has it that upon Alan White's death when he eventually ran out of oxygen, the robot "brain" of his suit took over and began it's quest to find home. Among galactic transport pilots there have been quite a few reported sightings of a ghostly creature in a Delta EVA suit wandering the cosmos. Unfortunately with the amount of recreational substance abuse these pilots tended to partake in on their long lonely voyages, none were ever taken very seriously.